Top 11 Advance SEO Techniques & Strategies in 2018

Advance SEO Techniques & Strategies in 2018

As Google updating himself day by day. and whenever it’s happening the new challenges come into the front of SEO. And In 2018 there is lot’s of changes will come which we have to know about and be ever ready to face them.

So here I have bring some important 11 Advance SEO techniques & strategies in 2018 which we have to know.

TOP 11 Advance SEO Techniques in 2018 As Follow

1. Make your website Super-fast

Remove unnecessary Information from your website and your customer would be satisfied with super-fast loading pages

2. Maintain Mobile Friendliness

Build mobile-friendly websites and earn priority from Google and other search engines.

3. Use LSI or long tail keywords in your SEO strategy

In 2018 top technique google also recommend to use LSI or Long tail keyword to bit your competitors.

4. Produce In-Depth High-Quality Content

Write engaging content with well-research or error-free content. which your customer will love to read about getting true information.

5. Update and Republish old Blog posts.

Streamline your existing web content with necessary amendments to increase organic traffic to your website.

6. Link Building: Build Quality backlink.

Keep in mind Quality backlink instead of quantity. Earn High-Quality backlink with the contextual link that will help to boost your website organic ranking on search engine.

7. The Rise of Voice Search

Optimize your web content with conversational keywords to make the best use of Voice search option

8. Switch your website to https

As google most prefer secure site so move on “HTTP” to “https”. It will help to safeguard the connection, information and other data on your website.

9. Make A Strong Presence on Social Media

Sharing useful content on social media will help to get web users attention that would eventually increase the chance of gaining more quality links.

10. Google is king, But don’t forget Bing and Yahoo

Don’t focus only on Google for SEO, Attract customers using other search engines as well to bring your website to the top of SEO ranking.

11. User Experience

Customer review makes more beneficial for your website or ranking. Enhance the customer experience by providing them with assistance.

Here I have made an infographic image for your batter understand.

11 Advance SEO Techniques & Strategies in 2018


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